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HISTORY: The TGA State Four-Ball began in 1971 at Cherokee Country Club in Knoxville under the direction of long-time TGA director Orvis Milner. The following year fellow TGA director Joe Chalmers became involved in the tournament’s direction and Fox Den Country Club became the tournament’s home for 14 of the next 15 years. The tournament has been played outside the East Tennessee area only three years—1982 and 2015 at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club in Brentwood, 2007 at GreyStone in Dickson, and 2014 at The Grove in College Grove. Knoxville brothers Steve and Jeff Golliher and the Chattanooga twosome of Pat Corey and Larry White have each won the event three times. Corey has four wins. He teamed with Gary Chazen to win his first title. The Gollihers have played in the finals seven times as a team. Jeff appeared on an eighth occasion with Gordon Foster.



Springfield’s Craig Smith and Tim Jackson of Williston defeated Tyler Johnson and Ryan Hall, both of Knoxville, in the 50th TGA State Four-Ball, played at Fox Den County Club. For Smith it was his second win in the event. Jackson (61 years, 5 months, 1 day) became the oldest player to win the Four-Ball.


Finals – Tim Jackson, Germantown-Craig Smith, Springfield, def. Tyler Johnson, Knoxville-Jake Hall, Knoxville, 2&1.

Semifinals – Johnson-Hall def. Lucas Tabor, Morristown-Parker Smith, Morristown, 2&1; Jackson-C. Smith def. Ethan Rimmer, Knoxville-Bryson Morrell, Knoxville, 3&2.

Quarterfinals – Tabor-Smith def. Anthony Basilio, Knoxville-Matthew Chambers, Knoxville, 4&3; Johnson-Hall def. Jake Headrick, Knoxville-Antonio Farinella, Knoxville, 2-up; Rimmer-Morrell def. Chase Roswall, Bristol-Ben Simonsen, Ooltewah, 7&6; Jackson-Smith def. Cole Parrish-Jimmy Ward, Franklin, 3&2.

Second round – Basilio-Chambers def. Nick Wolf, Murfreesboro-Jack Story, Columbia, 2&1; 

Tabor-Smith def. Connor McKay, Knoxville-Trevor Gold, Knoxville, 1-up; 

Headrick-Farnella, Knoxville, def. Chas Narrimore, Knoxville-Derek Rende, Chattanooga, 1-up; Johnson-Hall def. Stuart Smith, Nashville-Brayden Garrison, Knoxville, 1-up; Roswall-Simonsen def. Lawrence Largent, Bristol, VA-Jack Rhea, Jonesborough, 4&3; Rimmer-Morrell def. Connor Pollman, Cleveland-Evan Spence, Cleveland, 3&1; Jackson-Smith def. Charles Keene, Clarksville-Patton Samuels, Clarksville, 3&2; Parrish-Ward def. Noble Judy, Nashville-Bubba South, Nashville, 2&1. 

First round - Basilio-Chambers def. Joseph Sadlowski, Nashville-Tanner Owens, Murfreesboro, 20th hole; Wolf-Story def. Rob Garland, Franklin-Jacob Garland, Franklin, 3&2; Tabor-Smith def. Bo Andrews, Knoxville-Brennan Webb, Knoxville, 19th hole; McKay-Gold def. Sheldon McKnight, Chattanooga-Lance Simpson, Knoxville; Narramore-Rende def. Micah Knisley, Jefferson City-Reece Britt, Rockford, 2&1; Headrick-Farinella def. Wes Korth, Cookeville-Lee Maxwell, Cookeville, 2&1; Johnson-Hall def. Drew Miller, Collierville-Davis Irving, Memphis, 1-up; Smith-Garrison def.  Spencer Provow, Murfreesboro-Chris Lanning, Murfreesboro, 1-up; Roswall-Simonsen def. Matthew Copeland, Alcoa-Braedon Wear, Alcoa, 3&2; Largent-Rhea def. Gator Todd, Franklin-Wellons, Franklin, 2-up; Pallman-Spence def. Chad Homan, Knoxville-Zach Wood, Greeneville, 3&2; Rimmer-Morrell def. Trey Tobias, Hermitage-William Rieck, Franklin, 3&2; Jackson-Smith def. Brian Clark, Knoxville-Davis Shore, Brentwood, 2&1; Keene-Samuels def. Steven Haremski, Knoxville-Michael Barnard, Gallatin, 3&2; Parrish-Ward def. Mitchell Thomas, Knoxville-Chip Thomas, Knoxville, 2&1; Judy-South def. Tyler Lane, Knoxville-Jake Goins, Chattanooga, 3&1.

Medalist – 61(-9), Sadlowski-Tanner, Copeland-Wear.

2020Tim Jackson-Craig SmithFox Den
2019Jack Uselton-Will BrooksCherokee
2018Cayman Ratliff-Brandon WorleyToqua
2017Chase Roswall-Spencer CrossThe Country Club (Morristown)
2016Jack Smith-Ryan GreerBlack Creek
2015Cole Floyd-Corey RochelleNashville G&AC
2014Payne Denman-Brett PattersonThe Grove
2013Lee Maxwell-Wes KorthHolston Hills
2012Matt Robertson-Matt HaddenCleveland
2011Craig Smith-Spencer ProvowThe Links at Kahite
2010Jason Gandy-Brandon BunnThe Ridges
2009Grant Milner-Sam PressleyToqua
2008Parker Smith-Philip BreedingThe Country Club (Morristown)
2007Rob Long-Justin WalkerGreyStone
2006Adam Mitchell-Bryce LedfordThe Ridges
2005Nick Shelton-Whit TurnbowHolston Hills
2004Trey Lewis-Craig McElhaneyCherokee
2003James McCord-Clay UseltonCherokee
2002Trey Lewis-Craig McElhaneyBlack Creek
2001Ronnie Law-Kevin LawBlack Creek
2000Todd Burgan-Jarrett SharpHolston Hills
1999James McCord-Clay UseltonHolston Hills
1998Jeff Golliher-Steve GolliherFox Den
1997Danny Green-Rob LongFox Den
1996Danny Green-Rob LongThe Virginian
1995Chad Starliper-Garrett WillisThe Virginian
1994Pat Corey-Larry WhiteCleveland
1993Boyd Dethero-Nixon CostnerRiver Islands
1992Pat Corey-Larry WhiteRiver Islands
1991Andrew Price-Chris LinerHolston Hills
1990Dale Rutherford-Ted ArsenaultThe Country Club (Morristown)
1989Pat Corey-Larry WhiteValleybrook
1988Jeff Golliher-Steve GolliherValleybrook
1987Gary Chazen-Pat CoreyValleybrook
1986Chris Toulson-Tom Musselman Jr.Fox Den
1985Jeff Golliher-Steve GolliherFox Den
1984Steve Crozat-Terry EzellFox Den
1983Eric Mumford-Bill HornFox Den
1982Jeff Walker-Barry PearceNashville G&AC
1981Ed Brantly-Charlie TaylorFox Den
1980Jeff Walker-Mike KeliherFox Den
1979David Gardner-Fred PowersFox Den
1978Jeremy Dick-Joel VelascoFox Den
1977Dan Lewis-Marty Graham Jr.Fox Den
1976Gary Chazen-Larry McGillFox Den
1975Ed Brantly-Lew ConnerFox Den
1974Mike Nelms-Hunt GillilandFox Den
1973Mike Nelms-Hunt GillilandFox Den
1972Ed Brantly-Bob MorrisonFox Den
1971Norman Campbell-Bobby LaneCherokee

Pat Corey-Larry White (3)1989, 1992, 1994
Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher (3)1985, 1988, 1998
Mike Nelms-Hunt Gilliland (2)1973, 1974
Danny Green-Rob Long (2)1996, 1997
James McCord-Clay Uselton (2)1999, 2003
Trey Lewis-Craig McElhaney (2)2002, 2004

Most championships as team: 3, Pat Corey-Larry White, 1989, 1992, 1994; Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher, 1985, 1988, 1998.
Most championships with multiple partners: 4, Pat Corey, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994.
Most consecutive championships as team: 2, Mike Nelms-Hunt Gilliland, 1973, 1974; Rob Long-Danny Green, 1996, 1997.
Most consecutive championships with multiple partners: none.
Most times in finals as team: 7, Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1998, 2015.
Most times in finals with multiple partners: 8, Jeff Golliher, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1998, 2015.
Most runner-up finishes as team: 4, Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher, 1982, 1987, 1991, 2015.
Most runner-up finishes with multiple partners: 5, Jeff Golliher, 1979, 1982, 1987, 1991, 2015.
Lowest medalist score, 36 holes: 125, Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher (62-63), 1998, Fox Den.
Lowest medalist score, 36 holes, based on par: 125 (-19), Jeff Golliher-Steve Golliher (62-63), 1998, Fox Den.
Lowest medalist score, 18 holes: 61, Scotty Hudson-John Tyminski, 2018, Toqua; Kyle Cottam-William Nottingham, 2019, Cherokee; Chase Roswall-Bryce Lewis, 2019, Cherokee; Ryan Greer-Jack Smith, 2019, Cherokee; Michael Barnard-Michael Shears, 2019, Cherokee.
Lowest medalist score, 18 holes, based on par: 61 (-11), Scotty Hudson-John Tyminski, 2018, Toqua.
Longest 18-hole match: 24 holes (quarterfinals), Jason Gandy-Brandon Bunn def. Todd Ricker-Sasha Catron, 2010, The Ridges.   
Largest margin of victory in 36-hole championship match: 8&6, Chris Toulson-Tom Musselman Jr. def. Ron Waters-Mark Waters, 1986, Fox Den; Pat Corey-Larry White def. Lex Tarumianz-Doug Stein, 1989, Valleybrook.
Largest margin of victory in 18-hole championship match: 5&4, Rob Long-Justin Walker def. Tim Richardson-Earnie Brown, 2007, GreyStone.
Longest 36-hole championship match: 41st hole, Gary Chazen-Larry McGill def. Tom Slater-Jeremy Dick, 1976, Fox Den.
Longest 18-hole championship match: 20th hole, Cayman Ratliff-Brandon Worley def. Chip Thomas-Mitchell Thomas, 2018, Toqua 
Youngest player to win championship: Fred Powers (17 years, 10 months, 13 days), 1979, Fox Den. 
Oldest player to win championship: Tim Jackson (61 years, 5 months, 1 day), 2020, Fox Den.
Most times host club of championship: 16, Fox Den, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1997, 1998.
Largest entry: 92 teams, Toqua, 2009; The Ridges, 2010.


written and edited by Gene Pearce
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