Tennessee Golf History


1 - What do Luke List, Harris English, and Brooke Pancake have in common? 

2 - Name Tennessee’s three NCAA individual champions (Division I)?

3 - How many Tennessee females have won NCAA individual championships (Division I)? 

4 - Only one Tennessean has won the USGA’s Bob Jones Award. Who is he? 

5 - Seven Tennesseans, representing Tennessee clubs, have served as president of the Southern Golf Association. Name them. 

6 - There were seven charter members of the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame, inducted in 1991. How many can you name?

7 - Who are the TGA State Amateur and TGA State Women’s Amateur trophies named for?

8 - What woman has won the most TGA tournaments and how many? 

9 - What two Tennessee Golf Hall of Famers each won five Tennessee PGA Section Championships?

10 - What Tennessee Golf Hall of Famer won the TGA State Amateur, Southern Amateur, and German Amateur? 

11 - What Tennessee Golf Hall of Famer won a PGA Tour event as an amateur?

12 - What Tennessee Golf Hall of Famer won the longest TGA State Women’s Amateur championship match ever played? 

13 - What father, son, and grandson each won a TSSAA State high school golf championship? 

14 - What Tennessee Golf Hall of Famer is the only player in history to compete in the championship finals of the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Amateur Public Links, and U.S. Mid-Amateur? 

15 - Tennessee won the USGA Men’s State Team Championship in 2003 with a record score. Name the three Tennessee players?

16 - Two Tennessee Golf Hall of Famers won the U.S. Open. Who are they? 

17 - The USGA conducted the U.S. Amateur Public Links and U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links until 2015. Who are the two Tennesseans who won the U.S. Amateur Public Links? 

18 - What is Tennessee’s oldest golf club? 

19 - Where is Tennessee’s oldest course? 

20 - Who was the first Tennessean to qualify for the LPGA Tour? 

21 - What major champion was low professional in the TGA State Women’s Open in 2012?

22 - Two Tennessee families have each won TGA State Champions in three generations. Who are they? 

23 - Before Scott Stallings, what Tennessee Tech golfer became a big star on the PGA Tour? 

24 - Walton Smith Jr., 1965 TGA State Amateur champion, played college golf at three schools. Name them.

25 - Name the only player to have won the TGA State Junior and the TGA State Amateur in the same year.

26 - Three Tennesseans have won the U.S. Amateur. Name them. 

27 - Jack Nicklaus moved to North Palm Beach, FL in the early 1960’s. His next-door neighbors were elected charter members of the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame in 1991. Name them. 

28 - There are three ladies, none of whom are in the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame, who won the TGA State Women’s Amateur three times. Who are they?

29 - Chip Rockholt (1978), Danny Green (1993, 2000, 2003), and Tim Jackson (1994, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2012, 2014) are TGA State Amateur champions. What else do they have in common?

30 - Several Tennesseans have been successful as caddies on the PGA Tour. Three are past TGA champions. Name them.

31 – In 2017, three Tennessee teenagers became the youngest team ever to win the 12th and final USGA Women’s State Team Championship. Name the girls.