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In October, I had the pleasure to visit The First Tee of Tennessee at VinnyLinks. A cold and rainy day where I found a clubhouse bustling with kids, parents waiting for the morning’s program to begin, and a group of eager staff and volunteers preparing to serve those in attendance. There was talk of grips, posture, balance and aim, but soon after the conversation changed. A couple of youngsters no older than first grade were learning how to shake hands, introduce themselves and start a conversation. One said to the other, “So, how long have you been playing?” 
They were linking golf to life. There are inherent qualities we learn from this great game: respect, honesty, perseverance, the list goes on and on. The link between the two is undeniable. Since 1990, thousands upon thousands of children have been impacted by the TGF. Generous supporters, just like you, have allowed us to grow and thrive, but our work is far from finished. The question we have to answer as an organization is how do we connect MORE of our youth to the game? 
Together with our partners, the Tennessee Golf Association and the Tennessee PGA, we have to continue to operate quality, family-friendly golf facilities and expand our programming including instruction and competition, while making sure they remain accessible and affordable. We must strive to find new and better ways to communicate and promote our brand from Bristol to Memphis. I envision an expansion of Golf House into other areas of our state, creating a hub for all things junior golf close to everyone we serve. I can see a day when will have TGF programming in all 95 counties in Tennessee. Stay tuned for more about the “Drive to 95.”
All of these things are possible with your support. We are grateful to be surrounded by a group of amazing donors who give selflessly year after year, and with you on our team we will continue to push forward toward our goal of linking more youth to golf. Inside the 2018 report you will find much more about what we do and ways to get involved. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. On behalf of everyone at Golf House Tennessee, thank you for your dedication to growing our great game in Tennessee.


Whit Turnbow
President, Tennessee Golf Foundation

Whit giving a putting lesson at The First Tee of Tennessee at The VinnyLinks in Nashville

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