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USGA Tournament Management - Club Support Center

In 2017 the USGA launched a new program that would take place of TPP (TPP Client and TPP Online Club). This product, USGA Tournament Management Club (TM-Club for short), will become your go to program for running all of your club events in 2018 and beyond. To help you through the transition process we are creating this database where you can come to learn and train yourself, staff  and others on the ins and outs of this new software. This completely web-based program can be run through any desktop, laptop or mobile device. We will be available to help you as we begin this transition over the remainder of 2017; this will just serve as a place where you can get information if you get stuck and cannot get ahold of us in the office.

Tournament Management - General Information  
TM Product Matrix
TM - Club Fundamentals

Tournament Management - Getting Started

TM - Club 'Start Here' Videos

As a new end user, familiarize yourself with the information in this tutorial & videos.

Manager Site Overview

No matter whether your run one or multiple events or leagues, there is a manager site for each.

Customer Center Tour

The home base for every event.

TM - Club Components
The following are the basics you'll need for running your events/leauges.

Event Menu

Golfers Menu

Calendar Menu

Rounds Menu

Apps Menu

Verification Tools

Handicap Analysis Summaries

Testing the Leaderboard

Pre-play Audit Tool

Tournament Guides  
Single Round Tournaments

18-Hole Individual Stroke Play

18-Hole 2-person Stroke Play

 18-Hole Multi-Format Team Tournament

18-Hole Four Person Scramble

18-Hole Pro-Am

Quota Tournaments

Multi-Round Tournaments

Multi-Round Single Format

Multi-Round Multi Format

Bracket Tournament (Match Play)

Ryder Cup Tournament

Member-Guest Invitational (Five 9-hole matches)

Golf Leagues

Basic Golf League Tutorial  

Individual Round Robin League Tutorial

Team Round Robin League Tutorial  

Additional Training Guides & Articles

Managing Courses
Access the courses under League/Event menu

Roster Control
How do all the different (Master, Event, League, Round) rosters work together?

Adding players to your event or league
There are multiple ways to add players to your event.

Divisions, Flights and Teams
What, How and Where to Use

Retrieving & Updating Handicap Indexes
Updating handicaps is an essential step

Posting Scores to GHIN
If you do your scoring through TM - Club, you can post scores for your members.
Report Composer
Customize your report to look exactly how you want

Customizing the Portal
What is the structure of a portal?

How to create a default tee for players
Setting a default tee benefits you for several reasons

Creating Custom Fields Manually
Custom fields are a great way to store important information

Creating Custom Fields via Spreadsheets
Another way to store important information

Tournament Handicapping Options
There are different options available for your events

Competition Options
TM - Club features many built-in competitions depending on the format of play

Season Points
Points for leagues and events can be awarded in a multitude of ways

TM - Club FAQ's

Removing Strokes on Par 3's
No Par 3 strokes in skins? Find out how to do it.

Can I add pace of play on the scorecard?

Different allowances for Men & Women?
How to set different allowances based on gender.

How do I allow for playoff holes?

Creating flights by first day results?

Merging cells on a scorecard
See how this is possible using custom rows added to a card

Need an event or league name change?

The order of results on a leaderboard
Can the order be changed around?



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