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Parent Child

Parent-Child Results
 2023Rob & Jacob GarlandStonehenge Golf Club Results
 2022Alex & Peter Cobb Stonehenge Golf Club Results 
 2021 Rob & Jacob Garland Stonehenge Golf Club Results 
 2020Eric & Tyler Johnson Stonehenge Golf Club Results 
 2019Gary & Lee Maxwell Stonehenge Golf Club Results 
 2018Bryan & Brandon Rodgers
Stonehenge Golf Club
 2017Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf Club
 2016Trey & Bryce LewisStonehenge Golf ClubResults 
 2015 Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf ClubResults
 2014Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf ClubResults
 2013Scott & Jack SmithStonehenge Golf ClubResults
 2012Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf Club
 2011Ed & Brad StevensStonehenge Golf Club
 2010Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf Club 
 2009Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf Club &
Heatherhurst Golf Course

 2008Paul & Wes KorthStonehenge Golf Club &
Heatherhurst Golf Course
 2007Tim & Parker RushHeatherhurst Golf Course 
 2006Bryan & Brandon RodgersHeatherhurst Golf Course
 2005Paul & Wes KorthHeatherhurst Golf Course
 2004Jeff & Justin WalkerHeatherhurst Golf Course
 2003Gary & David Head The Honors Course  
 2002Charles & Chuck Mason Heatherhurst Golf Course  
 2001Tom & Spencer Provow Stones River Country Club  
 2000Carl & Justin Burns Link Hills Country Club  
1999 Paul & Bobby O'Brien Ridgeway Country Club  
1998Gary & Andrew Robinson Saddle Creek Golf Course  
1997Don & Tim Turpen Link Hills Country Club  
1996Tim & Jason Thompson Colonial Country Club  
1995Mike & Drew Eller Baneberry Country Club  
1994Don & Tim Turpen Link Hills Country Club  
1993Ted & David Arsenault Holston Hills Country Club  
1992 Dewey & Marvin Morris Memphis National Golf Club  
1991Mason & Mase Rudolph Clarksville Country Club  
1990Dewey & Marvin Morris Cleveland Country Club  
1989Don Sr & Bowen Sargent Link Hills Country Club  
1988Don Sr & Bowen Sargent Stones River Country Club  
1987Don Sr & Don Sargent Jr Temple Hills Country Club  
1986Gibby Jr & Gibby Gilbert III Signal Mountain Golf & Country Club  
1985Tillman & Jeff Knox Graymere Country Club  
1984Lynah & Jeff Sherrill Dorchester Golf Course  
1983 Gibby Jr & Gibby Gilbert III Henry Horton Golf Course  
1982 John & Randy Wylie Henry Horton Golf Course  
1981 Dave & David Ragan Henry Horton Golf Course  
1980Tillman & Jeff Knox Henry Horton Golf Course  

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