Golf House Tennessee Learning Center Junior Development Program

At Golf House Tennessee, we have introduced thousands of young people to the great game of golf in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. Whether your child is brand new to the game or an experienced tournament player, the Golf House Tennessee Learning Center has a program to fit their needs.

Our dedicated teaching staff uses a proven "building block" approach designed to ensure both early success and ongoing improvement. From the putting green to the full swing, your child will gain the skills necessary to get them on the golf course and having fun as soon as possible. For more experienced players, our advanced classes and tournaments will help students develop their full potential, whether their goal is to play top level competitive golf or to simply gain more enjoyment playing with friends and family.

Where to start?
Our programs are carefully structured to promote early and ongoing success for each of our students. Each level builds on the last, thus ensuring reliable and steady improvement as the student builds a solid understanding of all key fundamentals. 

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your child's success is starting them at the correct level as they begin to learn the game. If in doubt, we suggest starting students at the more beginning level to ensure that they have a solid foundation on which to build their golf game. This approach will undoubtedly pay larger dividends for the student in the long run.