Golf House Tennessee / The Little Course at Conner Lane Rules & Policies

Facility Rules and Safety Policy
Our goal at Golf House Tennessee is to provide a safe and enjoyable golf experience in family friendly setting. Your help and cooperation is an essential part of our success in attaining that goal. We appreciate your ongoing role in setting a positive example for the next generation of Tennessee golfers.

Golf Course Reservations
General Public may make Little Course starting times up to seven days in advance either in person or by calling the golf shop during regular business hours. Golf House Members may make starting times up to seven days in advance. Members may reserve up to three starting times (up to 12 people) subject to availability. Group reservations of 13 or more must be made directly with the Golf House office and are subject to approval. Players must cancel reservations no less than 24 hours in advance or be subject to loss of advance reservation privileges. 

Player Check-In 
All golfers (members and daily fee players) are required to check-in and register with the Golf Shop prior to starting their round. If possible it is recommended to check-in no less than 10 minutes prior to your appointed starting time. Golfers wishing to play an additional round must check in with the golf shop at the completion of their first nine to obtain another reservation for their second nine holes. 

Pace of Play
In order to assure an enjoyable place of play for all players, we have established a maximum target time of 90 minutes for all rounds. Since a primary mission of Golf House is to provide a welcome learning environment for players of all levels, with a particular emphasis on beginners and juniors, we ask that all players use common sense and courtesy when encountering the occasional stall in play. We will do everything that we can to keep play moving at a comfortable pace and ask for your help and cooperation in this area.

Conduct and Sportsmanship
All Players are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times when on Golf House property. We have many impressionable young guests and it is critical that all of us set a great example at all times. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated at any time. Club throwing or other inappropriate actions are may result in loss of playing privileges.

Care of the Course
Players should respect the golf course at all times and strive to leave it in better condition that they found it. Please do not take practice swing divots on the tees, repair all ball marks, rake all bunkers and pick up your feet on the greens to avoid damage from cleats.

All adults should have their own bag and set of clubs when playing. Due to the emphasis on youth and beginner golf, junior players accompanied by an adult may share either a golf bag or clubs with permission of the golf shop.

Age Requirements
Players 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their stay at Golf House. This provision includes use of the golf course, driving range, short game area and putting green.

Players age 11 and 12 may, however, request to become certified by the Golf House staff in the areas of rules, course care, safety and general playing ability in order to receive a special exemption to play without an adult. Please contact the golf shop for more information on this program.

Please note that juniors age 12 and under that are on-site to participate in supervised Golf House Tennessee instructional programs and special events may also be exempt from such age restrictions during those events. 

Golf House Property
During play, players should remain on Golf House property at all times and at no time should attempt to cross Franklin Road or go onto the adjacent Vanderbilt Legends Club property. 

Non-Smoking Facility
Golf House Tennessee is a family oriented non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed on the Golf House Tennessee grounds, golf course, practice facilities or in any buildings at any time.

Alcohol is at all time prohibited anywhere on the Golf House Tennessee property. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the facility with no refund of fees.

Errant Golf Shots
All players acknowledge and accept the general safety hazards inherent in the game of golf and as such assume full responsibility for any and all accidents or injuries resulting from instances of errant or misdirected golf balls, loose or flying golf clubs, or any other injury or damage that may be incurred during the course of play or practice while at Golf House Tennessee. Player should at all times take reasonable precautions to insure their own safety and the safety of others.

Lightning and Dangerous Weather Conditions
All players should take steps to be aware of any dangerous weather conditions in the area, including lightning, and should leave the golf course and seek shelter at the first sign of dangerous conditions. In the event Golf House elects to close the golf course and practice facilities due to weather conditions, all players must immediately cease play and seek shelter off of the golf course.

Vehicles and Parking
Visitors, guests and members may park in designated spaces and overflow parking spots at their own risk. All visitors to Golf House property acknowledge and accept the risk of damage to parked and moving vehicles due to errant golf balls and other risks associated with the game of golf. Golf House Tennessee assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting form parking or driving onto the its property and any claims for damages are strictly between the vehicle owner and the individual directly responsible for playing the errant shot causing the damage.

Course and Facility Closing
Golf House reserves the right to close the golf course and related practice facilities to both the general public and members from time to time for special events and ongoing instructional programs. The course and practice facilities may also be closed from time to time for regular maintenance and other repairs. Members and guests should call the golf shop if in doubt as to course and range availability for current schedule updates. The golf facilities will also be closed to members and the general public during the specified winter season.

Golf House Tennessee Learning Center Programs and Events Policies
It is our goal at Golf House Tennessee to ensure that each of our students has a safe, enjoyable and productive learning experience. As such we ask that all participants abide by the following policies throughout the course of their program.

All registrations will be accepted in the order in which they are received. Students may register online at, by submitting a paper application via mail or in person at Golf House Tennessee. Full payment is required at the time of registration in order to secure a program slot. Participants will receive an email confirmation when their application has been processed and accepted.

Students may request a full refund of their tuition fee up to 48 hours prior to the first scheduled class session. Requests may be made in writing or by calling Golf House Tennessee during regular business hours at (615) 790-7600 and asking for the Junior Clinic program. No refunds will be available following the 48 hour deadline request for refund deadline.

Missed Class Sessions
There is no refund for missed class sessions once a program starts. Students are encouraged to select programs that will fit their schedule throughout the series.

Inclement Weather
If you are in doubt regarding class status due to weather, please call the Golf Shop for an update. Please note that many sessions may be moved inside to our indoor golf studio and facilities, so please check with the Golf Shop before assuming the session will be canceled. If a class session must be canceled due to inclement weather, Golf House will attempt to notify students if at all possible once a decision is made. We will make every effort to reschedule canceled sessions, but cannot guarantee dates or times that are convenient for every participant's schedule.

Student Safety
Safety is our first priority and as such we must require that all students adhere to all Little Course, Golf House Tennessee and program safety rules at all times. Failure to follow the prescribed safety rules will result in removal from the class session and if unsafe behavior is repeated the student may be removed from the remainder of the program. There shall be no refunds for remaining sessions should a student be expelled for violation of class safety rules.

Golf Etiquette and Courtesy
Students are at all times expected to behave in a courteous manner consistent with expected golf course and program standards. Disruptive behavior or actions that may cause damage or injury to the golf course, equipment, any other student or staff member is not acceptable and may result in removal from the class session or in the case of repeated infractions the student may be expelled from the remainder of the program. Abusive or profane language or other disruptive dialogue that detracts from the enjoyment and learning opportunities for other will also not be tolerated.

Class Observation
Parents are welcome to observe their child's class. We ask that parents respect the boundaries of the class and observe from a reasonable distance unless invited to engage in the class by the instructor. Please feel free to encourage and congratulate your child when appropriate, but also please refrain from any criticism or unsolicited instructional advice during the actual lesson. If you have any questions regarding your child's instruction program, please feel free to discuss raise those questions either before or after the actual class session with the instructor.

Special Needs
Please notify us prior to the first class session if your child has any medical conditions, allergies or other special needs of which we should be aware.

Thank you for your support of the Tennessee Golf Foundation and its supported facilities, programs and events. We look forward to a very rewarding and enjoyable learning experience for you and your child.

For more information please call us at (615) 790-0222.