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Junior Development Program
At Golf House Tennessee, we have introduced thousands of young people to the great game of golf in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. Whether your child is brand new to the game or an experienced tournament player, the Golf House Tennessee Learning Center has a program to fit their needs.

Our dedicated teaching staff uses a proven "building block" approach designed to ensure both early success and ongoing improvement. From the putting green to the full swing, your child will gain the skills necessary to get them on the golf course and having fun as soon as possible. For more experienced players, our advanced classes and tournaments will help students develop their full potential, whether their goal is to play top level competitive golf or to simply gain more enjoyment playing with friends and family.

Where to start?
Our programs are carefully structured to promote early and ongoing success for each of our students. Each level builds on the last, thus ensuring reliable and steady improvement as the student builds a solid understanding of all key fundamentals. 

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your child's success is starting them at the correct level as they begin to learn the game. If in doubt, we suggest starting students at the more beginning level to ensure that they have a solid foundation on which to build their golf game. This approach will undoubtedly pay larger dividends for the student in the long run.
(AGES 9-12)
(AGES 6-12)
(AGES 6-12)
(AGES 6-12) 
(AGES 6-12)

Designed specifically for younger students, this fun-filled program covers all the basics needed to introduce your child to the game of golf in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. This is a great way to introduce your child to golf in a way that carefully incorporates key motions and concepts that will allow them to rapidly develop a solid golf game as they move on to more advanced levels.

This Welcome to Golf program uses the safe and popular SNAG (Starting New At Golf) program to teach the basics of putting, chipping and full swings to your child. Specially designed SNAG golf equipment makes it easy for your child to feel a real golf swing while enabling them to experience immediate success in making solid contact and getting the ball in the air.

We supply all the SNAG equipment, so there is nothing else to buy as your child explores the game. This program also places a special emphasis on learning important golf safety rules and introduces overall concepts of the game.  

In STEP 2, we focus on the all-important skill of putting. Aside from being one of the most critical elements of the game, the putting green is the best place for juniors to develop many of golf’s most important physical skills. Students will learn the correct putting grip, stance and alignment, all while developing the critical club control and motions they will need as they move in subsequent steps toward the longer strokes. Solid contact, distance control and direction are emphasized, along with a number of basic topics such as green speed, slopes and basic strategy on the greens.
In STEP 3 we take the foundation built on the putting green and move to the short shots that all players experience whenever they play the game. Students will learn how to properly hold the club (the same grip they’ll use later in their full swing) and set-up in a way that allows their natural athletic ability come out. In STEP 3, students will learn what great ball contact feels like and how to achieve it, again establishing a key foundation for the successful transition to their full swing. The Short Game 1 program will cover all the basics of both chipping and pitching. 
In STEP 4, we take the key lessons learned in the previous steps and expand those concepts to the basics of the full swing. Now armed with the ability to achieve solid contact learned in the short game, students will begin to understand how to apply those fundamentals while increasing distance and trajectory for their full golf shots. Overall athletic motions critical to the golf swing will be stressed, along with key techniques that all successful players share. Students should leave this class with a clear understanding of what make their golf ball go far and high! 
In STEP 5 we go further into the foundations of the full golf swing. We’ll continue to stress the importance of the most critical underlying athletic motions, while going further into the important fundamentals that create golf solid shots and consistent swings.
In STEP 6, we revisit the all-important short game with an increased emphasis on creating all of the special and unique shots that players find near the green. We’ll work on distance control, trajectory, even the basics of spin. We’ll move through a number of fun skill stations, all the while continuing to develop key short game fundamentals. Shot strategy and club selection will be discussed in more detail, along with pre-shot routines and practice. We’ll also introduce students to the fundamentals of bunker play and let them see how their short game fundamentals apply when their ball finds the sand!


Private Lessons for Juniors and Adults

Our team of highly experienced PGA golf professionals are available to provide personalized one-on-one instruction that can include full video analysis and a comprehensive game improvement program to help you get the most possible enjoyment and satisfaction from your game. Our teachers have coached thousands of students ranging from beginning golfers to NCAA collegiate players and touring professionals. Let us create a program for you that will help you take your game to the next level.

For programs and rates or to schedule a private lesson, please contact us at (615) 465-6322 to speak with one of our professionals. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Gaylon Cude, PGA Teaching Professional
Gaylon Cude is a Class A member of the PGA of America and has been with the Golf House TN team for ten years. Gaylon brings a special passion and enthusiasm for helping his students improve and enjoy their golf games. Gaylon has worked diligently to hone his skills as a teacher and coach and has already helped many area golfers to elevate their skills. Gaylon is also an instructor with the TPGA Junior Golf Academy and serves as its assistant director. Gaylon was recognized as a U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teacher Honorable Mention recipient in 2014.  He has also been named to Golf Digest's 2017-20 lists of Best Teachers by State in Tennessee as well as their 2018-19 list of Best Young Teachers in America.  Gaylon is a native of Middle Tennessee and joined the professional staff at Golf House Tennessee following a successful intercollegiate career at Belmont University. 

Office Phone: 615-465-6322

Valerie Vaughn, PGA Teaching Professional
Valerie Vaughn is a Class A member of the PGA of America and brings years of experience to our instructional team at Golf House Tennessee. Valerie spearheads our junior clinic program, as well as our always popular junior tournament series. Valerie is a graduate of Western Kentucky University where she played collegiate golf. Valerie has contributed to the success of many of the Southeast’s finest golf programs including playing a key role in the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Birmingham, Alabama. She was honored as the Dixie Section PGA President's Plaque Award recipient in both 2009 and 2010 for her contributions to player development. Valerie loves to teach both juniors and adults and has quickly developed a loyal following of happy students who have benefited from her enthusiastic and supportive teaching style. 

Office Phone: 615-465-6323