College Golf General Information

Your best tool available for researching college golf opportunities is .  This website combines all the information of the PING College Golf Guide and a scoring convertor for you to compare your scores to those of college players.

The Ping Guide and have launched this exciting new site to better inform junior golfers and their parents.  Golfstat is the website used by the NCAA to track all college golf tournaments.  Junior golfers can enter their current average score and yardage information and see how they would have finished in their choice of college events.  This information is an invaluable tool for juniors to honestly evaluate their ability level to fit a program.

Information on all the schools in the country with college programs can also be found.  For each school, juniors can view a coach's name, address, e-mail, phone number, scholarships available, average entrance test scores, enrollment, majors offered, tuition, and room and board.  You can also sort colleges by division, size, conference, etc.