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Golf Capital of Tennessee Women's Open Championship

--2017 Patron Sponsors--

David and Mary McElroy
Ralph and Carolyn Rupp
Daniel and Sherry Linskens
Pat and Lee Sutphin
Douglas and Joan Peters
Mike and Darby O'Hara
Richard Hampton and Meryl Hutson
Sam Hall and Ann Hall
Richard and Sharon Moreland
Harvey and Carolyn Riffle
Paul and Mary Demet
Robert and Michele Cooke
Sue Allen and Joan Burke
William and Norma Brill
Jack and Judy Olsen
Custard Cabin
Tim and Sue Tewalt
Thomas and Bonnie Herman
J.H. Graham
Vincent and Carolyn Jozwiak
Joe and Sophie Nahod
Jerry and Sally Johnson
Thomas and Sharon Repp
Otis and Peggy Truxton
Rex and Leslie Borders
Gary and Pat Hendershot
Jim and Frances McMackin
Ron and Rita Karns
Irene Hawker
Daniel and Jacqueline Larisey
David Bell
John and Susan Wigington
Charles and Jo Huber
Sandra Chesterton
Tim and Debbie Panther
Dominic and Patricia Janusky
Stephen and Cheryl Luhrs
Rollie and Jane Wicker
Billy Loggins
Ray and Casey Pilon
Dave and Suzanne Pletcher
Gene Touchstone
Jim Morrison and Beth Pearsall
Bruce and Donna Turley
Wayne Pyburn and Roger Rediker
James Trame Family
Jim and Gail Moon
Earl Boatwright and Carolyn Jones
Scott and Sue Allen
John and Elizabeth Greene
Fred and Diane Mundt
Bob and Katy Stephens
Dave and Maralee Rivard
R.L. and Holly Clark
Fred and Karen Boyer
Jay P and Mary Lee Dingee
Dan and Donna Huber
Thomas and Andrea Cassidy
Jim and Electra Streck
Steve and Pam Oberle
Larry and Chris Spahr
Jeff and Terry Enlund
Don and Karen Warner
Tess and Steve Sullenstrup
Fran Kinnunen
 In Memory of John Kinnunen
Joseph and Wanda Crozier
Duane and Donna Schiller
Corky and Judy Wilson
Sandy and Dick Ostman
Sid and Jeani Miller
Gregory and Linda Gilreath
Phill and Audrey Dranger
Walter and Dale Renton
Jim and Karen Finley
Bruce Cox and Alison Wells
Donald Zeboski
Paul and Joan Kupp
John and Gloria Whitney
Ed and Pat Carter
John and Beth Kreis
David and Michele Simcox
William Rogerson
Jim and Carmen Hupp
Virgil and Marilyn Black
Steven and Judith Full
Robert and Lynne Diller
Tom Amo and Pat Hawes
Lil and Wayne Schoppe
Sam and Hazel Robinson
Ron and Cyd Riede
Beth and Dennis Jones
James and Carolyn Clithero
Theresa and Scott Maher
Jim and Alice Hodge
Don and Sherry Koch
Larry and Carolyn Lewer
Gary and Ann Kaufman
Diana Ackling
Pam and Vince Peters
Thomas and Mary Connell
Ted and Judy Petrowski
Mel and Joyce Davies
Dallas Logue
Gary and Barbara Kitchen
Terry and Stephanie Levix
Gerald and Denise Pare
Ann and George Chard
Allan and Judith Carleton
John Bowman and Barbara Flanagan
Terrance and Lynne Strasser
Mary and Scott Jacobsen
Don Chrobot
Jeff Houston
Charlie and Linda Sisco
Larry Smith
Charles McElroy
Fred and Emily Milligan
Don Luthy and Dwight Wages
Jim and Ginger Edwards
Kenneth Gates and Patty Gates




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