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         Golf Capital of Tennessee Women's Open Championship

--2015 Patron Sponsors--


  Diana Ackling

Gerald and Kathleen Allard

Terence and Linda Andrews

Lois J. and Michael E. Arce

Dave and Ann St. Aubin

John and Bonnie Bailey

Joe and Sandy Barth

Blue Boys Group

Dan and Tonja Boeh

Rex and Leslie Borders

Fred and Karen Boyer

Harry and Mim Buysse

Jim and Karen Byrne

Marvin Cahill

Allan D. and Judith A. Carleton

Ed and Pat Carter

Thomas and Andrea Cassidy

Ann and George Chard

James and Carolyn Clithero

Jim and Judy Colyn

Bob and Michele Cooke

Robert and Marion Cope

Bruce Cox and Beverly Kay

Howard and Patricia Crandall

Marvin and Cathie Crim

Robert and Jean Crouch

Joe and Wanda Crozier

The Custard Cabin

Zibby Damm and Gary Milan

Paul and Mary Demet

Brian and Barbara Des Biens

Robert and Lynne Diller

Jay and Mary Lee Dingee

Phillip and Audrey Dranger

Tim Driggs and Paula Johnson

John and Susan Dwyer

James and Ginger Edwards

Jim and Karen Finley

Steve and Judy Full

Ken and Patty Gates

Jeff and Jayne Gehle

Robert and Sherry Gibson

Ned and Debbie Giddens

Gregory Gilreath and Linda Callahan

Dave and Mary Ann Golden

Bill and Tommi Goodwin

Grady Golf Group

John E. and Elizabeth B. Greene

Sam and Ann Hall

Rick and Nancy Harper

Tom and Bonnie Herman

John and Kathie Hillner

Jim and Alice Hodge

Jeff and Lee Houston

Charlie and Jo Huber

Warren and Rhonda Huddleston

Bob and Carol Hunt

Hustlers Golf Group

Domnic and Patricia Janusky

Robert and Diane Jasak

Jerry and Sally Johnson

Michael and Jayne Johnson

Dennis and Beth Jones

Vince and Carolyn Jozwiak

David and Vicki Kapp

Ron and Rita Karns

Gary and Ann Kaufman

Don and Sherry Koch

Warren A. and Jane A. Komar

Steve and Jean Kraft

John and Beth Kreis

R. Paul and Joan Kupp

Mary Laflin and Tom Connell

Dan and Jacquie Larisey

LD's Golf Group

Jean and Linda Lebreux

Randy and Ann Ledbetter

Peggy and Dale Lethio

Larry and Connie Lewer

Dan and Sherry Linskens

Billy Loggins

Dallas and Jo Logue

Denny and Jolene Lown

Steve and Cheryl Luhrs

Arthur and Janet Lukeand 

Don Luthy and Dwight Wages

Bob and Jane Madon

Scott and Theresa Maher

John and Cathy Manning

Tom and Barb Martin

Dale and Amie McDonald

David McElroy and Mary Manley

Jim and Frances McMackin

Fred and Emily Milligan

Jim and Gail Moon

Richard and Sharon Moreland

Jim Morrison and Beth Pearsall

Fred and Diane Mundy

Richard Myslinski and Sara Flohr

Jerry and Tina Neigh

Steve and Pam Oberle

Mike and Darby O'Hara

Kathy O'Leary

Jack and Judy Olsen

Richard and Sandy Ostman

Phillip and Nancy Palmer

Tim and Debbie Panther

Gerald and Denise Pare

Doug and Joan Peters

Pamela and Vincent Peters

Jim and LInda Phillips

Ray and Casey Pilon

Ted and Judy Piotrowski

Frank and Elaine Pipino

Leslie and Barb Prausa

Malisa Rader

Dale and Walt Renton

Dr. Garron and Anita Riechers

Harvey and Carolyn Riffle

David and MaraLee Rivard

Hazel and Sam Robinson

William Rogerson

Al and Mary Runfeldt

Ralph and Carol Rupp

William and Antoinett Saul

Thomas Sawyer

Jerry and Carol Schahrer

Duane and Donna Schiller

Kermit and Deni Selvig

David and Michele Simcox

Charlie and Linda Sisco

Marty Smith

Bob and Carole Soldon

Laurence and Christine Spahr

Jack and Lauri Speckmann

Bob and Joyce Stackhous

Bob and Katy Stephens

Bill and Melinda Stran

Fred Summers

Janet Taylor and Jo Ann Faulds

Tim and Sue Tewalt

Steve and Tove Thomas

Barry and Alice Townes

James and Jane Trame 

Otis and Peggy Truxton

Gary and Maggie VanDeCarr

Bob and Judi Vineyard

Steven and Pamela Westerdahl

John and Gloria Whitney

Rollie and Jane Wicker

John and Susan Wigington

Janet Wilder

Corky and Judy Wilson

Ginny and David Zanca

Donald Zeboski

Arthur and Sharon ZImmerman

Updated Thursday, July 23

The Tennessee Golf Association and the Women's Open Championship Committee are grateful for our Patron Sponsors.  Because of your continued support, we are able to host a first-class event for our women professionals and amateurs from across the country.  THANK YOU!




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