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Spectator Carts are permitted at qualifiers provided the host facility has enough carts to allow the renting of a spectator cart. Players will always take priority. The TGA is not responsible for rates and availability of spectator carts at qualifiers. 


The TGA will allow players to switch qualifying rounds, but only before the entry deadline for that respective championship. To switch qualifying rounds before the entry deadline, the player should contact the TGA Office at (615) 465-6308 and make a request.


The TGA determines the number of qualifying spots at each qualifying location based on the following equation (sample below is for explanation only). Each qualifying site will have the same percentage of qualifiers as all other sites for that respective championship. 

 Total Number of   
 Players in Championship


 Total Number of 
 Exempt Players


 Total # of Qualifying 
 Positions Available


(144 total players - 44 exempt players)

 Total Number of 
 Qualifying Entrants


 Percentage of 
 Qualifiers from each  
 qualifying site

or 28.5%

(100 qualifying positions available divided by 350 qualifying entrants)

 Number of Players in Qualifier

Number of Qualifiers 
(# of players 
multiplied by 0.285)

Final Number 
of Qualifiers

Site #1




Site #2




Site #3




Site #4




Site #5




Site #6







There are two ways for an alternate to get into a championship. The first and most common is if a player from the same qualifier withdraws. For a respective qualifying round, the Official in Charge of the qualifier will determine Alternates 1-3 by scorecard playoff using the USGA's recommended method of breaking ties (this is available in the USGA Rules of Golf Booklet).While Alternates 1-3 are determined and will be listed on our website, virtually everyone that attempted to qualify at a respective site is an alternate for that site. To show how this works, let's take the example above using Site #1. Of the 78 players attempting to qualify, 22 of them will qualify and move on to the championship. Three (3) more players will be noted as Alternates 1 through 3. If one of the 22 qualifiers from this site withdraws, the first alternate will be offered that spot into the championship. If two of the 22 qualifiers withdraw, then the second alternate will get in and so on. For example, if five of the 22 players withdraw from this site then the fifth alternate will get in from this site (this will also be determined using the same scorecard playoff as before). The same scenario would also exist if an alternate declines the spot in the championship. For example, if the first alternate at Site #1 is unable to play in the championship, that spot will remain within Site #1 and will be offered to the second alternate and so on. In all cases, if a qualifier withdraws, their spot in the championship will remain within the site in which they qualified. This is due to the fact that each qualifying round has their own respective set of conditions (weather, yardage, difficulty of course, etc.) and it would be impossible to equate one qualifying round to another so since all of the competitors within a qualifier competed against each other under the same conditions, it is only fair that the number of qualifying locations that are determined (using the formula above) remains constant. The other way that an alternate can get into a championship is if an exempt player withdraws. Using the example above there are 44 exempt players. The TGA will determine an order by which the spots are rotated among the qualifying rounds. This rotation is based on the number of qualifiers that is determined (column 3 above) and which qualifier would have received another qualifying spot if more players had signed up at that qualifier (i.e. which decimal place is closest to 0.5, but not over). Once this is determined the process reverts back to the lowest decimal number under 1.0. Here is an example of how this process works using the example above. As with the process above, once a qualifying spot is made available to a site it remains within that site (i.e. an alternate from Site #1 declines, the spot remains in Site #1 and does not rotate to Site #6; a second exempt player must withdraw for Site #6 to get an alternate in). 

1. Site #1 (22.23)
2. Site #6 (17.10)
3. Site #3 (9.98)
4. Site #5 (13.97)
5. Site #4 (19.95)
6. Site #2 (16.53)




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