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City Of Crossville To Sponsor Golf Capital Of Tennessee Women's Open Through 2022

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – If recent reviews are any indication, the relationship between the City of Crossville and the Tennessee Women’s Open continues to be a major success.


So when the time came to renew the partnership, all parties involved were enthusiastically on board.


City officials and the Tennessee Golf Association announced Friday afternoon that the City of Crossville will continue to be the title sponsor for the Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open through the year 2022, and the tournament will continue to be held at Stonehenge Golf Club in the Fairfield Glade community.


“The Tennessee Golf Association is excited to continue our partnership with the City of Crossville,” said TGA executive director Chad Anderson.  “Crossville has long been a strong supporter of golf in our state, and with their support the Women’s Open has turned into one of the premiere events not only in Tennessee, but across the Southeast.”


“Because of the success of the Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open, other communities have reached out to the TGA to inquire about bring certain championships to their community.  We look forward to returning to Crossville for many years to come.  The TGA is glad to play our part in bringing people from all over the United States to Crossville.”


The 20th renewal of the Women’s Open was held last month, with recent Northwestern University graduate Hannah Kim earning the second victory of her young professional career.


It marked the 20th anniversary of the tournament, the 15th year it had been held in Crossville and the 10th year at Stonehenge.


After her victory, Kim had glowing things to say about the event.


“I was playing with Emily McLennan, and she was saying that even for Symetra Tour events, not even that many people come out,” Kim said, acknowledging the 200-300 fans who surrounded the 18th green for the final day of this year’s Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open.


“Emily was saying this is one of the most special events ever because everyone comes,” Kim continued.  “This is something everyone looks forward to every year.   That’s something that really hit my heart, because it shows you how much they care about all of us golfers.”


“Wherever I went, they were saying ‘Hi’, they were waving to me.  They were super nice, super courteous, really generous with their love.  And my host family was amazing.  The homes are beautiful here.  It kind of motivates you to live a good life, have a good retirement and live in one of these houses one day!”


The Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open isn’t the only state event that the City of Crossville supports on an annual basis. 


The city also hosts the Tennessee Senior Open, the Tennessee Parent-Child Championship and the Golf Capital of Tennessee High School Invitational. 


“The community comes out and supports it – that’s what makes this work,” said Billy Loggins, Marketing and Public Relations Director for the City of Crossville.  “The way the Fairfield Glade community and Crossville comes out to support this is just unbelievable.”


“It’s just a really big deal for our community.  The City of Crossville is dependent on sales tax revenue.  Golf just keeps on giving throughout the year.  People bring their caddies back, they have their families come back in the fall and play … it’s just a big deal for this community.”


The 2018 Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open had 22 states and five countries represented in the field. 


It takes almost 100 volunteers during tournament week to insure the event is a success, not to mention the countless hours that both Crossville and TGA officials spend in the months leading up to the event.


This year the annual players’ dinner was moved on site for the first time and a long drive competition was held in conjunction with the pre-tournament festivities.


“Each year we are trying to make the event bigger and better for the players,” Loggins added. “I applaud our city leaders for voting to extend the partnership with the Tennessee Golf Association and the Fairfield Glade community to host this championship in our community through 2022.”


“The Tennessee Women’s Open showcases our city to participants from all over the country.  The comments from our 2018 champion Hannah Kim, talking about how friendly the residents are and how beautiful this area is, are wonderful examples of why this championship is so popular.”


Year in and year out, the Golf Capital of Tennessee Women’s Open brings together a mix of up-and-coming professionals from across the country, as well as some of the top amateurs in the Southeast.


Former LPGA pro and Morristown, Tenn., native Ashli Bunch finished runner-up to Kim this year.  Auburn University golfer Mychael O’Berry was the top finishing amateur.  High school golfer Alyssa Montgomery of Knoxville finished tied for 10th.



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