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Tennessee Golf Association

--Women's Player of the Year & Women's Senior Player of the Year--

Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year:

Events included in the selection process for Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year include: the US Women's Southern, the Tennessee Women's Amateur, the Tennessee Girls' Junior Amateur Championship, the US Women's Four-Ball Championship, the Women's Western Amateur, the US Women's Open, the North/South Women's Amateur, the Tennessee Women's Open, the US Girls' Junior Amateur Championship, the Women's Trans National Amateur, the Tennessee Women's Four-Ball, the US Women's Senior Amateur, the Tennessee Women's Senior Amateur, The Tennessee Women's Mid-Amateur, the Women's Southern Senior, the US Women's Mid-Am and the James H. Fyke Women's Amateur Championship.

It is important to note that Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year points are accumulated through the calendar year.  In the event of ties during an event, points will be grouped and divided accordingly.  For information on point distributions, please click here.

2017 Player of the Year Standings

1. Sophia Schubert - 410 points

2. Rachel Heck - 400 points

3. Abigail Heck - 172.5 points

T4. Sydney Colwill - 115 points

T4. Jenna Burris - 115 points

T6. Ashley Gilliam - 100 points

T6. Lynda Wimberly - 100 points

T8. Meghann Stamps - 75 points

T8. Jayna Choi - 75 points

T10. Kynadie Adams - 70 points

T10. Jean Kraft

12. Arianna Clemmer - 62.5 points

13. Hanley Long - 55 points

14. Malia Stovall - 52.5 points

T15. Madison Rhodes - 45 points

T15. Blakesly Warren - 45 points

(As of 10/4/2017)



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