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2004 Cup Matches

True Temper/ TN Challenge Cup Matches
Cottonwoods Golf Club
October 23-24, 2004
Team Team Result
Bailey/Waters Jackson/Lee Bailey/Waters Won 3 and 2
Bennett/Henley Crockett/Green Bennett/Henley Won 5 and 4
Atkeison/Jackson Dibble/Hickey, Jr Atkeison/Jackson Won 4 and 3
Hessing/Johnson Lewis/McElhaney Lewis/McElhaney Won 1 up
Alary /Burdette Cooper/Moore Alary /Burdette Won 2 and 1
Golliher/Long Rebmann/Wyatt Rebmann/Wyatt Won 4 and 3
Apperson/Golliher Barker/Heinemann Apperson/Golliher Won 1 up
Bray/Nichols Brown/Crawford Brown/Crawford Won 2and 1
Dixon/Robinson Long/Tarumianz Dixon/Robinson Won 5 and 4
Clark/Ramsey Franklin/Kammann Franklin/Kammann Won 5 and 4
Beaver/DeRoy Kammann/Thompson Kammann/Thompson Won 1 up
Team Team Result
Jackson/Lee Jackson/McElhaney All square
Atkeison/Moore Dibble/Hickey, Jr All square
Crockett/Lewis Henley/Wyatt All square
Bennett/Rebmann Green/Long All square
Alary /Heinemann Apperson/Cooper All square
Golliher/Golliher Hessing/Johnson All square
Bailey/Waters Barker/Burdette All square
Bray/Kammann Brown/Clark All square
Beaver/Dixon Tarumianz/Thompson All square
Crawford/Ramsey Franklin/Nichols All square
DeRoy/Robinson Kammann/Long All square
Name Residence Name Residence Result
Mike Bennett Ooltewah Danny Green Jackson Green Won 5 and 4
Tom Kammann Baneberry, TN Lex Tarumianz Lookout Mountain, TN Kammann Won 2 and 1
Audie Johnson Lebanon Trey Lewis Hendersonville Lewis Won 5 and 4
Dan Crockett Nashville Ross Heinemann Chattanooga, TN Crockett Won 4 and 2
Keith Burdette Chattanooga, TN Ron Waters Alcoa Burdette Won Halved
Craig Lee charleston tn Rob Long Clarksville Lee Won 1 Up
Bobby Bray Morristown Bob  Clark Cordova, TN Bray Won 2 Up
Ben R. Long Maryville, TN Bill Robinson Knoxville, TN Long Won Halved
Bobby Nichols Algood Jack Ramsey Germantown, TN Ramsey Won 3 and 2
Michael Bailey Nashville Mickey Barker Memphis Barker Won 6 and 5
Bill Crawford Nashville, TN Bill Franklin Baxter, TN Crawford Won 1 Up
Jim Brown Loudon, TN Gene Dixon Brown Won 1 Up
Ralph  DeRoy Memphis, TN Tim Thompson Memphis, TN Thompson Won 2 and 1
Kip Henley Crossville  Tim Jackson Germantown Henley Won Halved
Steve Golliher Knoxville, TN Greg Wyatt Crossville  Wyatt Won 5 and 4
Michel Alary  Pleasant View, TN Mike Moore Hendersonville, TN Alary  Won Halved
Donnie Cooper Knoxville, TN Patrick Jackson Franklin, TN Jackson Won 1 Up
Chris Dibble Knoxville Craig McElhaney Franklin Dibble Won 3 and 1
Jeff Golliher Knoxville, TN Eric Rebmann Knoxville, TN Golliher Won 1 Up
David Apperson Memphis Rob Hessing Selmer Hessing Won 1 Up
Michael Atkeison Somerville TN Bill Hickey, Jr Knoxville, TN Atkeison Won 1 Up
Tom  Beaver Shelbyville, TN Dick Kammann Baneberry, TN. Kammann Won 3 and 2

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