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Golf Capital of Tennessee Women's Open Championship


TGA Code of Conduct: Contestants (and their caddies) are to observe proper golf etiquette at all times.  Any abuse or disrespect of fellow competitors, TGA staff, officials, spectators, employees of the host facility or any other persons conducting or attending a Tennessee Golf Association sponsored event may be grounds for disqualification from the event, and possible revocation of right to enter future Tennessee Golf Association events.  Such abuse may be verbal or physical or threat thereof and includes, but is not limited to: the use of obscene language or gestures, physical damage to property or equipment including that of the Tennessee Golf Association or host facility.  USGA Decisions on the Rules of Golf - (US/33-8/6)

Eligibility: Entries are open to professional and amateur female golfers who meet the following requirements (1) meet the USGA policy on transgender individuals and (2) for amateur participants, have USGA Handicap Index of 7.0 or less for the Open Division and 12.0 or less for the Senior Division from a USGA recognized state or regional golf association at the time of entry.  Senior Division participants must be 50 years of age or older on the first day of the competition.

Legal Residency Criteria: Golf Capital of Tennessee Women's Open registrants do not have any residency requirements.

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, July 12 at 5:00pm CDT

Please note that paper and online entry applications must reach the TGA office by 5:00pm CDT on July 12.  Late or incomplete applications are not accepted.  Telephone or faxed entry applications are not accepted.  The time limit for entries means time of receipt at the TGA Office, not time of postmark.

Rules of Golf: Play will be governed by the 2016 USGA Rules of Golf, the 2017 TGA Conditions of Competition (TGA Women's Hard Card), and any local rules set by the Committee in charge of the competition.  All disputes shall be settled by the Committee in charge of the competition, whose decision shall be final.

Dress Code: Appropriate golf attire is required at all TGA events.  The dress code of the host facility will prevail if there is a question.

Traditional designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e. ceramic, plastic, etc) or spikes regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (if metal may come in contact with the course) are prohibited during the stipulated round.

Withdrawal: If an entrant chooses to withdraw PRIOR to the competition, she must notify the TGA at 615.465.6307 or email abrown@tngolf.org.  If a contestant chooses to withdraw DURING the competition, she MUST notify a TGA staff member or a member of the TGA Women's Competitions Committee before leaving the premises.  Failure to follow this procedure may result in a one-year suspension from all TGA competitions.

Refunds: Entry fee will be refunded regardless of reason BEFORE the entry deadline on July 12 at 5:00pm CDT.  AFTER the entry deadline, no refunds will be given (except for illness or injury) due to commitments we have with the golf courses.  A $25.00 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds. To receive a refund for illness or injury, the request MUST be in writing (email and fax submissions are acceptable) and must be accompanied by a doctor's note.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE CLOSE OF ONSITE REGISTRATION (July 26 at 3:00pm CDT) REGARDLESS OF REASON.

Cart Policy: Golf carts are reserved for contestants, TGA officials, host club staff, and host club officers.  Contestants must be 16 years of age or older to drive a golf cart.  Only contestants are allowed to drive or ride in golf carts during the stipulated round.  Caddies must walk at all times.  However, the player's bag may be on the golf cart or carried by caddie.

Caddie Policy: Contestants may use a caddie.  Caddies will not be permitted to ride in carts.  If shuttles are available, caddies may ride in a cart designated as a "shuttle" or with a tournament official.  These two instances, and when play has been suspended, are the only instances where caddies are permitted to be in a golf cart.

Publicity, Promotion, and Broadcasting: The TGA may arrange for (1) promotion of the Championship, via radio, internet, and television broadcasting and other exhibition and publication of the Championship or excerpts thereof in any and all media throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter developed, and (2) the design, manufacture, and sale of merchandise which commemorates or memorializes the Championship throughout the world.  By applying, the player consents to the use by the TGA, or persons authorized by the TGA, of her name, likeness, voice and references to her and photographs and other images of her and her play connected with her appearance in the Championship, or any portion(s) thereof, in connection with such media promotion, broadcasting, and other exhibition and publication of the Championship and design, manufacture, and sale of commemorative merchandise.  The TGA may utilize the rights granted it hereunder in connection with the promotion and/or commemoration of the 2017 Championship as well as future Championships, other TGA championships, or the TGA.

For Questions: Please contact the TGA Women's Competitions office at 615.465.6307 or email Allison Brown, the Director of Women's Golf, at abrown@tngolf.org





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