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Nashville Pro-Am
1949 - Belle Meade CC
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis211
Pro Todd Houck, Memphis212

1950 - Holston Hills Country Club
Pro Johnny Morris, Nashville210
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis214

1951 - Signal Mtn. Golf & Country Club
Ira Templeton, Chattanooga207
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis209

1952 - Jackson Country Club
Albert Stone, Jr., Jackson214
Lew Oehmig, Chattanooga217

1953 - Richland Country Club
Curtis Person, Memphis208
Pro Johnny Morris, Nashville213
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis213
Pro Tommy Wright, Kingsport213
Albert Stone, Jr., Jackson213
Lew Oehmig, Chattanooga213

1954 - Belle Meade Country Club
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis207
Hillman Robbins, Memphis211

1955 - Chickasaw Country Club
*Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis215
Mason Rudolph, Clarksville215
*Won play-off, first extra hole

1956 - Chattanooga Golf & Country Club
Mason Rudolph, Clarksville220
Wesley Brown, Chattanooga222

1957 - Jackson Country Club
Curtis Person, Memphis223
Pro Jake Fondren, Memphis224

1958 - Holston Hills Country Club
Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville215
Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis217

1959 - Memphis Country Club
Pro Mason Rudolph, Clarksville213
Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville216

1960 - Holston Hills Country Club
Pro J.C. Goosie, Knoxville207
Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville212

1961 - Chickasaw Country Club
*Pro J.C. Goosie, Knoxville216
Junie Buxbaum, Memphis216
*Won play-off, third extra hole

1962 - Richland Country Club
*Pro Pat Abbott, Memphis210
Pro Herschel Spears, Nashville 210
*Won play-off, fourth extra hole

1963 - Hillwood Country Club
*Pro Mason Rudolph, Clarksville209
Pro Frank Stranahan, Phoenix209
*Won play-off, second extra hole

1964 - Belle Meade Country Club
Pro Mason Rudolph, Clarksville218
Ed Brantly, Signal Mountain220

1965 - Richland Country Club
Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville204
Pro Steve Reid, St. Louis215

1966 - Hillwood Country Club
Pro Mason Rudolph, Clarksville206
Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville208

1967 - Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club
John Deal, Nashville138
Richard Eller, Old Hickory141

1968 - Old Hickory Country Club
Bobby Greenwood, Cookeville208
Lew Conner, Nashville216
Marty Graham, Jr, Nashville216

1969 - Rivermont Country Club
Harold Lane, Chattanooga206
Pro Larry Woods, Knoxville208

1970 - Jackson Country Club
Pro Larry Gilbert, Jackson207
Pro Bobby Nichols, Cookeville209

1971 - Hillwood Country Club
*Pro Richard Eller, Old Hickory218
Pro Hubert Smith, Tullahoma218
*Won play-off, first extra hole

1972 - Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club
Pro Mason Rudolph, Clarksville212
Pro Richard Eller, Old Hickory213

1973 - Windyke Country Club
*Pro Joe Campbell, Knoxville142
Pro Bobby Nichols, Cookeville142
*Won play-off, first extra hole

1974 - Stones River Country Club
Pro Bobby Bray, Morristown210
Pro Mike Whiteside, Nashville211

1975 - Old Hickory Country Club
Pro Greg Powers, Nashville206
Pro Larry White, Lookout Mtn.209

1976 - Creeks Bend Country Club
Pro Larry White, Lookout Mtn.206
George Liner, Chattanooga207

1977 - Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club
Pro Richard Eller, Old Hickory204
Pro Greg Powers, Nashville210
Pro David Hallford, Memphis210

1978 - Temple Hills Country Club
Sam Young - Nashville213
Pro Bill Franklin, Sparta214

1979 - Temple Hills Country Club
Pro Jimmy Paschal, Jackson209
Bob Wolcott, Dickson218

1980 - Temple Hills Country Club
Bill Argabrite, Nashville214
Pro John Miles, Nashville215

1981 - Richland Country Club
Pro Mike Nelms, Chattanooga211
Pro Tony Mitchell, Signal Mtn.213

1982 - Valleybrook Golf & Country Club
*Kip Henley, Chattanooga207
Bob Wolcott, Dickson207
*Won play-off, first extra hole

1983 - Valleybrook Golf & Country Club
Bob Wolcott, Dickson207
Stuart Smith, Nashville209

1984 - Belle Meade Country Club
Pro Gary Robinson, Nashville215
Bob Wolcott, Dickson220

1985 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Mike Nelms, Chattanooga206
Pro Bob Wolcott, Dickson210

1986 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Gibby Gilbert, Chattanooga208
Pro Randy Helton, Nashville213

1987 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Rob Long, Clarksville137
Marty Graham, Jr, Nashville139

1988 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Gibby Gilbert, Chattanooga213
Pro Randy Helton, Nashville214

1989 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Gibby Gilbert, Chattanooga212
Jeff Golliher, Knoxville216

1990 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Gibby Gilbert, Chattanooga208
Jeff Cook, Chattanooga213

1991 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Steve Munson, Chuckey208
Pro Ray Pearce, Murfreesboro210

1992 - Stonehenge GC & Dorchester GC
Pro Bobby Nichols, Cookeville212
Rob Long, Clarksville213
Danny Green, Jackson213
Boyd Dethero, Cleveland213

1993 - The Legends Club of TN (North)
Pro Jimmy Ellis, Memphis207
Rob Long, Clarksville208

1994 - The Legends Club of TN (North)
*Chuck Jabaley, Cleveland211
Pro Randy Helton, Shelbyville211
*Won play-off, first extra hole

1995 - The Legends Club of TN (North)
Pro Jared Melson, Gallatin204
Pro Audie Johnson, Antioch205

1996 - The Legends Club of TN (North)
Pro Walt Chapman, Knoxville209
Pro Loren Personett, Nashville211

1997 - Richland Country Club
Pro Kip Henley, Crossville213
Richard Smith, Dresden215

1998 - Stonehenge Golf Club
Richard Smith, Dresden208
Pro Jesse Lanham, Nashville210

1999 - GreyStone Golf Club
Pro Loren Roberts, Memphis207
Danny Green, Jackson208
Richard Smith, Dresden208




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