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LOUDON, Tenn. – The 48th annual installment of the Tennessee Four-Ball Championship got underway Wednesday at Toqua Golf Club, with one round of stroke play held to determine a 32-team match play bracket.


Coming out on top of the 49-team field was the duo of Tennessee State University teammates Scotty Hudson (Franklin) and John Tyminski (Brentwood).  They turned in a card of 11-under, 61 to earn medalist honors and the No. 1 overall seed for match play.


The rounds of 32 and 16 will be held on Thursday, followed by the quarterfinals and semifinals on Friday.  The championship match is set for Saturday morning.  Follow the Tennessee Golf Association on Twitter (@TNgolf) for complete updates throughout the event.


Hudson and Tyminski ran off five straight birdies as part of their opening-nine score of 30 on Wednesday. 


Tennessee Tech golfers Matthew Giles and Cameron Yeary finished second at 9-under.  One stroke back of them were a trio of teams: Cayman Ratliff and Brandon Worley, defending tournament champions Chase Roswall and Spencer Cross, and Mitchell and Chip Thomas.


There was an eight-for-six playoff at the end of the day to determine which teams in the 3-under group would advance.


Here is a look at all of the Round of 32 matchups.  The complete bracket can be found HERE


No. 1 Scotty Hudson/John Tyminski vs. No. 32 Dan Crockett/Kevin Watford

No. 16 Coleman Parrish/Jimmy Ward vs. No. 18 Vince Gallagher/Jacob Sherlin

No. 8 Kyle Cottam/Jet Tickle vs. No. 25 Cole Clear/Tanner Owens

No. 9 Scott Odell/Evan Spence vs. No. 24 Dabney Dickenson/Ben Garvin

No. 4 Spencer Cross/Chase Roswall vs. No. 29 Boddie Bible/LukeCabbage

No. 13 Matt McKenney/Oliver Simonsen vs. No. 20 Nick Garretson/Matt Mitchell

No. 5 Cayman Ratliff/Brandon Worley vs. No. 28 Tanner Dowland/Tanner Nelson

No. 12 Michael Barnard/Bryce Lewis vs. No. 21 Ryan Johnson/Barrett Steakley

No. 2 Matthew Giles/Cameron Yeary vs. No. 31 James Beckner/GrahamGosselin

No. 15 Matt Crowder/David Watts vs. No. 18 Austin Collins/EricRose

No. 7 Ryan Greer/Jack Smith vs. No. 26 A.R. Rhea/Jack Rhea

No. 10 Joshua Collins/Matt King vs. No. 23 Wes Korth/Lee Maxwell

No. 3 Mitchell Thomas/Chip Thomas vs. No. 30 Andrew Briggs/Brady Davis

No. 14 Warren Cheney/Nolan Ray vs. No. 19 Alex Bradford/Chad Couch

No. 6 Brian Clark/Tyler Johnson vs. No. 27 Rick Mays/Bob Rice

No. 11 Craig Junio/Chris Smith vs. No. 22 Jay Fox/AustinLancaster




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