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Qualifying Sites for the 2018 Tennessee Junior Amateur 

Tuesday, May 29 Jackson National Golf Club, Jackson Area
Tuesday, May 29 Link Hills Country Club, Tri-Cities Area
Thursday, May 31 WindStone Country Club, Chattanooga Area
Thursday, May 31 Temple Hills Country Club, Middle TN Area
Wednesday, June 6 Beaver Brook Country Club, Middle TN Area

QUALIFYING:  Each entrant not exempt shall compete in an 18 hole qualifying round at one of the locations listed above.  The qualifying location must be designated on the entry application.  Transfer to another qualifying location is permissible only before the entry deadline. Transfer after the entry deadline is not permitted. Contestants may enter only one qualifying round. 

QUALIFYING PLACES, TIES, SUBSTITUTIONS: The number of qualifying places at each qualifying location will be determined by the TGA, based on the size of the field in relation to the total number of qualifying places available.  Any ties for the last qualifying place(s) shall be decided by hole by hole playoff immediately upon conclusion of the qualifying round.  Alternate places shall be determined by scorecard playoff using the USGA Recommended Method for Breaking Ties. Substitutions, in order of qualifying scores, will be permitted for qualifiers unable to compete in the Championship. Alternates have no status at the Championship. 

FEES: Entry fees include practice range fees for the entire Championship/Qualifier. Practice rounds are excluded from entry fee. Although practice rounds are available at all qualifying sites, practice round fees are NOT included in the entry fee for qualifying and the TGA is not responsible for practice round rates at qualifying sites. Successful qualifiers will be billed an additional fee to play at the host site of the Championship Proper. 



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