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2002 Tennessee Women's Senior Amateur Championship
Colonial Country Club (North Course)


Final Results

Flight: Championship Flight

Maggie Scott, Charleston, 77-81--158
Debbie Richmond, Memphis, 80-79--159
Bonnie Younger, Cordova, 82-83--165
Beverly Pearce, Jackson, 82-83--165
Kathleen McAfee, Germantown, 85-84--169
Bonnie Dove, Memphis, 86-85--171
Sally Wagner, Oakland, 89-85--174
JoAnne Cobb, Memphis, 86-89--175
Sharon Tucker, Signal Mtn, 85-91--176
Anna Cunningham, Signal Mtn, 89-88--177
Dee Prickett, Loudon, 93-84--177
Debby Chapman, Collierville, 96-89--185
Diane Whitson, Unicoi, 89-101--190
Robbie Davis, Nashville, 97-93--190

Flight: First Flight

Sue Moore, Antioch, 77-83--160
Yasuko Kurohashi, Arlington, 82-79--161
Margaret Cunningham, Alcoa, 86-82--168
Gail Smothers, Franklin, 84-86--170
Libbey Hagewood, Franklin, 89-81--170
Cathy Morris, Memphis, 89-81--170
Yoriko Kitai, Germantown, 83-88--171
Tina Sanders, Knoxville, 87-85--172
Jenifer Beres, Franklin, 87-85--172
Judye James, Knoxville, 85-88--173
Joanne Spain, Cordova, 94-80--174
Amy Halkiades, Kingsport, 87-88--175
Jean Harris, Franklin, 84-92--176
Lula Burchett, Germantown, 90-86--176
Ruth Anne Redden, Memphis, 90-88--178
Barbara Thompson, Somerville, 93-87--180

Flight: Second Flight

Wanda Perkinson, Alcoa, 91-91--182
Mamie Noble, Cordova, 91-91--182
Libby Stein, Memphis, 89-94--183
Marilyn Brisbois, Murfreesboro, 90-94--184
Marion Howard, Brentwood, 90-94--184
Nancy Young, Brentwood, 91-94--185
Jackie Salisbury, Bartlett, 94-92--186
Pam Morrow, Athens, 96-92--188
Janie Cummings, Chattanooga, 96-92--188
Laura Taylor, Cordova, 94-94--188
Nancy Colquitt, Knoxville, 98-91--189
Sue Quesenberry, Murfreesboro, 96-93--189
Dianne Jennings, Decatur, 92-97--189
Teresa Reese, Brentwood, 98-92--190
Linda McDugald, Franklin, 98-92--190
Lucy Rye, Kingsport, 99-92--191
Sydney Totty, Memphis, 97-94--191
Judy Ozawa, Cleveland, 92-99--191

Flight: Third Flight

Kara Russell, Cordova, 105-87--192
Barbara Buchanan, Decatur, 98-94--192
Marie Dankmyer, Kingsport, 97-95--192
Carrie Semmes, Memphis, 96-97--193
Claudia Stewart, Gallatin, 102-91--193
Rita Webb, Portland, 99-94--193
Paula Morton, Greenbrier, 97-96--193
Mary Watkins, Athens, 93-100--193
Kathy Miller, Decatur, 96-98--194
Adria Herrmann, Oliver Springs, 100-94--194
Diana Charles, Germantown, 102-94--196
Ann Ellis, Cordova, 99-97--196
Jo Musselwhite, Cleveland, 98-98--196
Polly Wade, Decatur, 98-98--196
Linda Tabor, Nashville, 100-97--197
Fran Gentry, Cordova, 101-96--197
Mickey Wooten, Cleveland, 97-101--198

Flight: Fourth Flight

Judy Taylor, Memphis, 100-99--199
Evelyn Helmhout, Memphis, 98-101--199
Honey Climer, Cleveland, 104-96--200
Sunshine McKinnon, Germantown, 101-99--200
Donna Kerr, Memphis, 101-100--201
Susan Schleicher, Knoxville, 97-104--201
Bobbie Lencke, Cordova, 100-102--202
Edna Moss, Cordova, 100-102--202
Cecile Skaggs, Memphis, 100-105--205
Beverly Lattimore, Knoxville, 108-101--209
Karen Liles, Memphis, 104-106--210
Linda Verstynen, Decatur, 113-97--210
Gertie Tribo, Cordova, 106-105--211
Betty Morris, Jackson, 105-107--212
Betty Board, Jackson, 110-105--215
Dawn Cole, Jackson, 109-108--217
Carolyn Bailey, Signal Mtn, 107-112--219





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